The Book of Genesis


A 2.5-year exposition on the book of Genesis, from October 2016 to January 2019.

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The Genesis Leader


After finishing the exposition on the whole book of Genesis, we returned to Genesis 1 for a closer look at each theme present within the text. This series highlights principles of leadership, family life, as well as social responsibility found from within the stories in Genesis. This series ran from January to June 2019.

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The Book of Exodus


After the two series on the book of Genesis, we continued our expositional study with the next book in the Torah, the book of Exodus. June 2019 to present.

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Scripture Alone


Our theme for the year 2018, Scripture Alone, or SOLA SCRIPTURA, emphasizes our firm conviction in the sole authority of the Scriptures, and the utmost importance of rightly dividing the word of truth.


Glory to God Alone


Following 2018’s core theme, we begin 2019 with SOLI DEO GLORIA, glory to God alone.


Authentic Christianity


A mini series based on the book of 1 John, these messages tackle on authenticity, and the imperative need of it in living life as a follower of Jesus.


On Fasting


Fasting is an essential part of a deep prayer life. The following are a few messages that emphasize, explain, and expound on the act of fasting as seen in the scriptures.